Cat Sitting

Cats are usually very independent, so it’s hard to believe that a cat can suffer from separation anxiety. Cats are social beings that form strong relationships with their humans. They don’t like change, and if suddenly left for long periods of time they may feel like they’re abandoned and become lonely and depressed.

Your kitten/cat needs enough playtime, attention, and a stimulating environment to be happy and healthy. Cats are much happier in the familiarity, comfort and security of its own environment.

I provide a stress-free cattery alternative service around the Loughborough and Charnwood area, with twice daily home visits for feeding, fresh water, changing of litter tray, and of course lots of fuss and attention. You can be reassured that your cat will keep to its normal routine whilst you are out for long periods of time, or away on holiday.

Different from other pet services with different people coming each day, I work solo so your cat will get to know me and the times of the day I visit so they can feel reassured.

As well as caring for your cat, at no extra cost, if required I can give your home a ‘lived in appearance’ for security i.e. put out the rubbish, take in the post and newspapers, open and close curtains and blinds, switch lights on and off etc.

Charlie Brown & Services

  • I will come to your house at agreed times.
  • Let your cat in and out, feeding, fresh water and litter tray changing as required.
  • Give plenty of fuss and love and a lap to sit on.
  • I offer a flexible, daily or occasional service to suit your cats needs.
  • Photos and updates text or emailed to you for your peace of mind.

I am DBS checked and fully insured for animal care, and pdsa Pet First Aid trained.

Cat care £6.50 per visit (up to 3 cats), £12 for 2 visits per day

“Ozzy loves his walks with CB and Friends. Liz is always so friendly and i know Ozzy has lots of fun, he gets a little treat at the end of his walks too. 5 stars.”

Kia, Barrow

“Liz looks after Peaches and Lola (our Rabbits) when we go on family holidays, always does a good job keeping them happy, plus we come home to a clean cage. Highly recommended.”

Amy, Loughborough

“Reliable and convenient. I use Liz at Charlie Brown and Friends to walk Arry a couple of times a month when my husband is at work which really helps me out. Liz’s service is reliable and I know I can count on her for a walk at short notice if required. Prices are reasonable and… Continue reading Karen, Leicester

Karen, Leicester